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....exploring the deep sea

Fish in 2392 meter depth

OUR objectives

Taking samples

Black smoker

Treasure Island is a deep sea Marine Science research organization, it's aim is to attract Post-graduate students and give them on site training at postgraduate level, PhD and MSc  in the growing demand area of deep sea marine science, specializing in mineral deposits, sub sea volcanic structures, quantitative fisheries science, particularly fish stock assessment, and  deep sea biological water analyses, thus increasing the number of students educated for employment in  academia and industry and also gathering information of commercial value.

Also to invite Scientists and Scientific Institutions to participate in our research . The ship has enough space to invite parties from different fields so as they can take benefit of the vast amount of information that will be produced, reducing overall costs and perhaps finding new solutions to old problems.

We would also be investigating areas that would in future be mined for there mineral deposits, evaluating the disturbances to the sub sea environment and the mining procedures and types of machinery.