....exploring the deep sea


Other equipment

Wet Laboratories:

for the sorting, preserving, processing and storage of fish, plankton and other biological material.


Freezers, ( 4 ) for storage of samples, range from -30°c to +5°c .


Dark room.


Radioisotope laboratory.


Temperature- controlled work area from -20°c to +20°c .                                     


Compressor 75 cuft/min@2,000 psi 


Lifting equipment:


1 crane of 15 tonnes


2 cranes of 3 tonnes each


Deep ocean winch, 9,750meters, with seabed sampling, rock dredges, biological sampling and fish catcher.


2 ROV for different depths:




Seabotix CDS 4,000m

Seabotix LBV 950m